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A list of resources for beautification and finding grants and funding.


Department of Public Works

Please report graffiti, excessive litter, and illegal dumping by calling
Just dial 3-1-1/TTY: 415-701-2323 or visit www.sfgov.org/site/sf311

DPW’s Adopt-A-Street Program is a partnership between the City and its merchants and residents. The program is simple: groups or individuals agree to adopt a street or an area and take responsibility for keeping it clean. Go to the Adopt-A-Street Program Web page or call (415) 28-CLEAN.


Best Buy Electronic Recycling Program



DPW Graffiti Watch
Work to clean up graffiti in our city. Contact Merle Goldstone by e-mail, merle.goldstone@sfgov.org or phone, (415) 641-2625.

  DPW Urban Forestry
For questions about city street trees, call (415) 554-6700 or visit Bureau of Urban Forestry on the Web.

News Rack
For information on how to apply for a fixed pedestal news rack permit, call 554-6917 or read more information on the Web.

  San Francisco Department of the Enviroment
SF Environment's mission is to promote San Francisco's long-term environmental well being. Clean City partners with SF Environment Clean City on special events recycling projects. Go to www.sfenvironment.org, or call (415) 355-3700.
  Zero Waste
A comprehensive directory of recycling and disposal information.
  Sunset Scavenger and Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling
Did you know that you can schedule a free bulky item pickup from Sunset Scavengers or Golden Gate Disposal two times a year? Or, that there is a free hazardous waste drop-off program for San Francisco residents? For information on these and other issues related to your recycling, composting, and trash service, contact Sunset Scavenger at (415) 330-1300 or Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling at (415) 626-4000. Or, you can log onto www.sunsetscavenger.com.
  San Francisco's Household Hazardous Waste Program
  City and County of San Francisco official website
  Friends of the Urban Forest
A nonprofit organization committed to the belief that trees are a critical element of a livable urban environment. FUF offers financial, technical, and practical assistance to individuals and neighborhood groups who want to plant and care for trees. (415) 561-6890 or www.fuf.net.
  Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services
(415) 554-7111 or www.sfgov.org/site/mons_index.asp
  Mobile Assistance Patrol
This non-profit agency assists homeless people on the street. They will provide transportation to shelters, detox centers and drop-in agencies. (415) 431-7400.
Report any bus shelter maintenance problems to (415) 882-4949 or www.sfmuni.com.
  Neighborhood Parks Council
A coalition of community-based park groups actively involved in improving neighborhood parks throughout San Francisco. (415) 621-3260 or www.sfneighborhoodparks.org.
  Pretrial Diversion Project
A non-profit that offers first time misdemeanor offenders of non-violent charges the opportunity to complete a community service program, many of which include neighborhood beautification efforts. (415) 626-4995 or www.sfpretrial.com.
  SF Beautiful
Works to protect and enhance the city´s urban environment. Visit www.sfbeautiful.org or call (415) 421-2608.
  San Francisco Department of Human Services
(415) 557-5000 or www.sfgov.org/dhs
  San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
(415) 701-4500 or www.sfmta.com/cms/home/sfmta.php
  San Francisco Department of Public Health
(415) 554-2500 or www.dph.sf.ca.us
  San Francisco Housing Authority
  San Francisco Parks Trust (formerly Friends of Recreation and Parks)
Provides leadership and support for San Francisco’s parks, recreation centers, and open space. (415) 750-5105 or www.frp.org.
  San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
(415) 551-3099 or www.sfwater.org
  San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
Log onto www.parks.sfgov.org for volunteer opportunities in our parks.
Rec. and Park Volunteer Program Contact Information

Tamara McDaniel, Youth Volunteer and Education Programs
(415) 753-7276 or email: tamara.mcdaniel@sfgov.org
Suzanna Buehl, Natural Areas and Habitat Restoration
(415) 753-7268 or email: suzanna.buehl@sfgov.org
Kimberly Duckett, Recreation Programming and Support
(415) 753-7275 or email: kimberly.duckett@sfgov.org
Kristin Bowman, Park Beautification Projects
(415) 753-7265 or email: kristin.bowman@sfgov.org

Click here for a list of all pertinent Rec. and Park phone numbers.

  San Francisco S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness For Everyone)
Helps residents, police, and community groups work together to create safe, vibrant neighborhoods by providing assault prevention education and community organizing services. (415) 637-SAFE or www.sfsafe.org.
  San Francisco Unified School District
  Tenderloin Sidewalk Improvement Program
(415) 409-8747


Funding/Grant Resources

Grant money is available for neighborhood beautification projects! Clean City can work with your community group to help fund projects in any neighborhood of San Francisco. Fiscal sponsorship and other support services are available. Contact us for more information.

Some grant options:

  San Francisco Beautiful
SF Beautiful continues the legacy of its founder, Friedel Klussmann, by awarding grants to organizations that seek to maintain or enhance San Francisco's unique beauty and livability. Projects must also encourage civic participation and create healthy, safe, and sustainable communities.

The quarterly grants, which usually range from $1000 to $5,000, are awarded to a wide range of projects. When evaluating applications, SFB pays particular attention to the level of community participation and to the sustainability of the project beyond the term of the grant.

Grants are given on a one-time basis to community groups and organizations working on projects in San Francisco. Grants are not awarded to individuals.

Check out www.sfbeautiful.org or call (415) 421-2608 for more information.

  Neighborhood Beautification Fund
Contact Lanita Henriquez for forms or info: (415) 554-4803 or lanita.henriquez@sfgov.org.
  The Foundation Center
Search online for grant opportunities at www.fdncenter.org